Stephanie Joan. I'm beautiful.

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Don’t chase the sunset when you’ve got the entire sun tangled up in the sheets next to you.


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Anonymous: Your very beautiful :) Will always love you <3

Awe, well thank you! I love you too! (: 

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by Irene Suchocki

Sweaters at the vintage bazaar / Canterbury by millie clinton. on Flickr.
Anonymous: why are you never on tumblr anymore? your blog is one of my favorites but you are never on :(

Well thank you so much sweetie! I try to be on as much as I can, I’m just super busy, living on your own, and being a manager at a huge retail store can do that to people, especially this time of the year haha. I practically live at work. I will say I am a bit more active on my personal,, but yeah, I’m trying! Thank you for your cute message though! (: 

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(by Laura Dempsey)